we are not so few.

My friends and I often find ourselves stuck in discussions with topics like whether life is or isn’t fair, and how different our lives could have been had we grown up surrounded by better circumstances (or so-called “normal” circumstances, which is also worth a discussion, though in our definition, it means simple and genuinely natural things, like a mother and/or father who cares and was able to care.)

Most of my friends and I were confronted with hard stuff from the first years of our lives until now, from addiction, to suicide in our families or close circles of friends, to traumatised or sick family members and transgenerational transfer thereof, to mental illness found in our closest loved ones or in ourselves. And we are all kind of united through that, as well as in thinking that silence about all listed above is a further poison which does not make things undone or like they never happened, but quite the opposite.

What we also became aware of one day is that privilege means more than being white, heterosexual, or so called male sex, namely to have the necessary environment of being able to express yourself and evolve as you were meant to, and where you can do what a child wants and has to do, which is to develop into a healthy and stable grown-up.

Instead, we were busy doing the stuff our parents should have done, fixing family affairs, cutting ourselves loose while slyly watching our (class-) mates do their high school graduation, university, jobs, relationships, marriages family-building AND recognising our big and sometimes unbearable insecurities (and oftentimes undiagnosed mental disorders bc no one in our close enviroment ever took time to do this with and for us, which surely would have also prevented some of these insecurities) at once is that our lives aren’t and haven’t been easy, but we are alive and we do our best to live on, mind- and powerful, sometimes (often, from the outside ;)) chaotically but freely as well.

Because we’re familiar with fighting for our rights and for a life full of values from our first steps.

And we stay different than the majority, often burdened but still kool and full of charm and energy. And we wish that you show some respect and awareness that we are also here and that we’re not so few.


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